Paw Wonderful is made the idea that our pets are a member of the family and deserve quality. The elements can be harsh on Doggo paws, so we came up with a formula specifically to help maintain moisture.


Hot surfaces like concrete, asphalt, rocks, and same can quickly dry out paws. Our formula helps to prevent crack and drying on the pads.


Bitter cold winters are hard on paws and not all dogs like to wear booties. The salt and cold can chap and crack the pads on paws. Paw wonderful is a great preventive formula when applied to paws after salt is cleaned off.


  • All natural high quality ingredients
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Can be used on nose and paws
  • Hand poured
  • Biodegradable container

35g of high quality product.



**Note from our vendor


Our containers are push up, but are sometimes somewhat difficult to initially push. There are two good reasons for this. One, the container is well sealed when the product is poured. Two, the stiffness is an advantage when applying the product so it doesn’t push down. We understand the this can can make the container a bit more difficult to use at first, but we believe the benefits of biodegradable far outweigh a bit of elbow grease. Thank you for understanding.

Paw Wonderful - Paw Balm

  • Use the warmth of hand or paw to soften the product slightly for application. It warms up very eaisly and quickly and is great for your hands too.