Made with leather, this integirty bracelet is the perfect fit for anyone who wants a minimalistic look. Braclet is 9".

Parisa Azimaee - Leather Bracelet

  • Parisa Azimaee (PA) Handmade was born on a cold snowy day in Winnipeg in December of 2018. As a geeky girl who deals with science and numbers in my day job, I wanted to add more colors to my life and express my love for nature in an artistic form. Jewelry making makes me feel awesome! And, it’s even more amazing when I see people wear and enjoy what ‘I’ had made. I mostly work with natural stones, beads, leather and stainless steel. PA handmade is a one-man band. I myself design, make, do quality control, pack and ship and sometimes even deliver (if you are in/around Calgary!) all items you see in the store. Also, most items are customizable and can be tailored to your liking. You can even customize your orders with 925 sterling silver or 14K Gold plated. So don’t be shy! Take a look around and shoot me a message if you see something that you like.