Your Onyx+Ivy hair clips are the perfect accessory to up your style game. Dress them up or down, we can’t wait to see how you style them! 


The colour we carry is the navy clip - however, if you love the gold one - you can fing it on Onyx and Ivy's site!


Size: approx 2.5” long

Style: Alligator clip


Onyx + Ivy - Reagan Clip

  • Owners Jess + Gem are craft-aholics which naturally turned their front porch wine dates into brainstorming sessions on how they could collaborate together. They both desperately needed a creative outlet in their lives...and whola along came onyx+ivy. They would love for this to grow into more than just their little shop. Their vision is a place that woman connect and find products that express their journeys, and yes that's a hint to more products being developed soon!!  They are so excited to watch this new baby of theirs' grow and hope you will join them for the ride! 

  • Please spot clean if needed. Wipe hairclip with a damp cloth, do not submerge in water.