A premium natural bar soap for the fur on your face. Made with Calgary's own Big Rock Warthog English Style Ale, and scented with our proprietary Cedarwood blend. Although our moisturizing soap is gentle enough to be used on any of your furry parts, we recommend washing your beard no more than once or twice a week. This helps to ensure you don't strip the natural healthy oils from your mane which over time could lead to a brittle, dry beard.

Mammoth Beard Co. Warthog Ale Beard Soap

  • Mammoth Beard Co. is Canada's leading choice for all natural, high quality beard care products. All products  are handcrafted in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies using carefully selected natural ingredients. Created without cheap filler oils, synthetic fragrances, or harsh preservatives, their recipes have been formulated with a background in Aromatherapy and natural skin and hair care, and have been thoroughly tested on real beards throughout the harshest weather Canadian winters have to offer. They know quality, and we know that you will accept nothing less than the best for your beard.


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