Choose from either the Confetti Vanilla or the Red Velvet cake! And as the quote - it's pretty fricken delicious! Make is safe to ship for up to 4 days in the mail, and is meant to be refrigerated upon receipt - and consumed within three days.

Just Baked - Jar'd Cake

  • Just Baked believes that baking brings people together. Whether it’s a pack of our one of a kind signature cake jars or a dozen hot-pink cupcakes with glitter for your bestie who just got engaged, Just Baked was created to be the centrepiece for connection + good times.

    They find happiness in every batch of batter and in every sprinkle (not that we’d ever use just one).

    Our mission is to spread love like we spread buttercream.

    They believe in simple pleasures and using fresh quality ingredients, and take pride in baking every single order in small batches and creating unique treats for all your celebrations. It’s everything you need to bask in the moment and bake in the goodness.

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