This is a pre-order item that will be ready for pick up from May 3rd to the 9th. Limited quantities.


A special addition mug designed for every mug lover! This pretty mug has real gold applied for decorationand will be perfect for your morning rituals with tea or coffee. This mug will warm your heart - Enjoy! 


Mugs are handcrafted from clay sourced in Canada, and approximately 13 oz in volume.

Placing mugs into the dishwasher and microwave is not recommended for best ware.



Porcelain I Lead Free I Sizes and Color May Vary





Jenna Archer Ceramics

  • A brand built on a foundation of making handcrafted ceramics and good things, gathering those closest to you, and creating lasting connections and memories. 

    The mission is to weave ceramics into your daily life with so you experience pleasure in ordinary moments, and create dreams, memories, and traditions

    Ceramic formed using earth's elements to bring modern tableware and smokeware into your home.

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