Can't make it to celebrate - send a little celebration bite their way! 


T H I S  B O X  I N C L U D E S :


YYC Collective - Candle

Our 7 oz candles are made of soy, and provided is this gift box is our your choice of candle. Want to customize the candle - you can do so by designing your own gift box.


YYC Collective - Matches

Obviously, keep fire out of reach from children, and never leave it unattended - but these cute matches just make your candle that much more fun to light!


Just Baked - Jar'd Cake 

Choose from either the Confetti Vanilla or the Red Velvet cake! And as the quote - it's pretty fricken delicious! Make is safe to ship for up to 4 days in the mail, and is meant to be refrigerated upon receipt - and consumed within three days.


Taytayski - Playing cards

Painted by one talented local artist - choose one of four amazing designs! These cards are printed on a crisp cover stock and UV coated to create a scuff free finish. The images on these cards started as an original acrylic painting on canvas, then was photographed and digitized to be printed.


YYC Collective - Candle + Matchsitck

Included is a  little card with a candle so they can make a wish and celebrate! Strikepaper included on card.


YYC Collective - Greeting Card

Choose your card and personalize the inside of their card by adding your own text, and adding their name to the front of the envelope! We know some of our products are edgy, but - please know that the text is subject to approval. Not sure? Submit it and we will let you know if your note requires changes.


YYC Collective - Gift Box

We're all about making sure your gift looks on point - so we include these beautiful boxes to wrap things up - pun intended.


Please allow up to 3-7 business days processing time. If you have any questions or need a rushed order, please contact us at before ordering - we will let you know if we can accommodate - we will do our best!

'Get Lit' Gift Box