Feel so fresh and so clean with the Gentleman Box! This one's got you covered from head to toe - literally!


T H I S B O X I N C L U D E S :


YYC Collective - Candle

Our 7 oz candles are made of soy, and provided is this gift box is a YYC Collective candle of your choice. Want to personalize the candle label - go for it!


YYC Collective - Matches

Obviously, keep fire out of reach from children, and never leave it unattended - but we know fire will be needed to light the candle... and your one-hitter of course!


Sugar Cube - Candy

One of Calgary's coolest food truck in town - Sugar Cube creates custom candy boxes just like this one, and can set up a candy table for any and all occasions. And yes - they actually have a food truck! 


Friday Sock -  Socks

These purple socks are just next level!  Beard or moustache? Have both with our men's purposely mismatched moustache and beard socks! Designed in Canada and ethically made in Italy. Sizing: Men's 7 - 12 US/CAN


Mammoth Beard Co. - Beard Soap

A premium natural bar soap for the fur on your face. Made with Calgary's own Big Rock Warthog English Style Ale, and scented with our proprietary Cedarwood blend. Although our moisturizing soap is gentle enough to be used on any of your furry parts, we recommend washing your beard no more than once or twice a week. This helps to ensure you don't strip the natural healthy oils from your mane which over time could lead to a brittle, dry beard.


Mammoth Beard Co. - Sex & Cigars Beard Conditioning Oil

Fresh, slightly smoky, and bursting with essential oils known to be strong aphrodisiacs, our latest best selling edition is an authentic Mammoth creation you won’t find replicated anywhere else.


Routine - Deodorant

Deep Dark Wood - Four 5g minis in an adorable kit, perfect for gifting and exploring. Includes a mini each of: Like a Boss, Superstar, Johnny's Cash and Reuben & The Dark & Stormy.


YYC Collective - Greeting Card

Choose your card and personalize the inside of their card by adding your own text, and adding their name to the front of the envelope! We know some of our products are edgy, but - please know that the text is subject to approval. Not sure? Submit it and we will let you know if your note requires changes. 


YYC Collection - Gift Box

We're all about making sure your gift looks on point - so we include these beautiful boxes to wrap things up - pun intended. 


Please allow up to 3-7business days processing time. If you have any questions or need a rushed order, please contact us at hello@yyccollective.com before ordering - we will let you know if we can accommodate - we will do our best!

The Gentleman's Gift Box