Music shapes our community. We're all about it - and so is this tee!  Local to Calgary, this amazing Country band, Flaysher - gives you the 'roll-the-windows-down' vibe, even when it's -30.  If you haven't heard their newest single - you can listen to Flat Broke Famous here!


This dark grey tee is made of a heavier cotton and the double-stitched neckline and sleeves, this shirt  give it more durability, so it can become an everyday favorite. Shirt is 65% polyester, 35% cotton, and has been pre-shrunk for extra durability.

Flaysher - Unisex T-shirt

  • Flaysher is the last name of two born and raised Albertan brothers. A Canadian country duo with grit in their blood harmonies, and unvarnished truths in their lyrics. True blue-collar boys - you can almost hear the sawdust in their voice from growing up on dusty job sites working for the family business.

    Teaming up with Juno award-winning producer, Matty McKay (Brett Kissell), Flaysher released their debut country single “Flat Broke Famous" on March 27th of 2020.

    Flaysher is known for high-energy live performances before humbly stepping off the stage to genuinely connect with everyone in the room. You just can’t help but feel the passion these two brothers have for lifting people up with their art.

    Want to know more about Flaysher, check out their website at