Both bracelets are designed using lava stone. When essential oils are used on the body, they are quickly absorbed into the skin. Using the essential oils on lava stone increases the aromatherapy benefits to last upwards of 3 days. The two bracelets are:


GRATITUDE - PINK ZEBRA JASPER holds the energy of gratitude & optimism. It is our constant reminder to lead with love & always look for the goodness in life.  “I am Thankful.” This bracelet comes with the Gratitude essential oil.


EVOLVE - AFRICAN TURQUOISE assists in momentous change & transformation. It enhances confidence so that one can evolve into her highest self. “I am Ready to Grow.”


*Matte stones have the ability to absorb your bodies natural oils. This may cause the stones to darken slightly. this bracelet comes with the Focus essential oil.

*The charms used are high quality microset charms that are gold plated with Swarvoski Crystal. 

Drops of Gratitude - Bracelets

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