Strip the day away with the 'Soak + Get Naked' box. Light a candle, run your bath (or shower), and enjoy either the milk soak or sugar cube scrub.
T H I S B O X I N C L U D E S :
YYC Collective Candle
Our 7 oz candles are made of soy, and provided is this gift box is a YYC Collective candle of your choice. Want to personalize the candle label - go for it!
YYC Collective - Matches 
Obviously, keep fire out of reach from children, and never leave it unattended - but we know fire will be needed to light the candle.
YYC Collective - Milk Bath 
Enjoy the light natural smell of coconut and soak the day away (or start your day) with a coconut milk bath!  This jar contains 6 ounces of coconut milk bath soak. Want a little fragrance to help you relax - there are three options: Rose Garden, Honey + Shea, and Apricot + Peach.
YYC Collective - Exfoliating Sugar Scrub
Scrub + Get Naked Exfoliating Sugar Cubes are made perfectly to treat you neck to toes. Choose from one of our three fragrances - or the unscented ones! Each jar contains 10 cubes.
Routine - Deodorant Plant People
VEGAN (NO BEESWAX). Four 5g minis in an adorable kit, perfect for gifting and exploring. Includes a mini each of: Sexy Sadie, Johnny's Cash, Cat Lady & Lucy in the Sky. four 5g minis in an adorable kit, perfect for gifting and exploring.Product description available on the individual product tabs.
YYC Collective - Greeting Card 
Choose your card and personalize the inside of their card by adding your own text, and adding their name to the front of the envelope! We know some of our products are edgy, but - please know that the text is subject to approval. Not sure? Submit it and we will let you know if your note requires changes.
YYC Collection - Gift Box 
We're all about making sure your gift looks on point - so we include these beautiful boxes to wrap things up - pun intended.
Please allow up to 3-7 business days processing time. If you have any questions or need a rushed order, please contact us at before ordering - we will let you know if we can accommodate - we will do our best!

Soak + Get Naked Gift Box