There's just something sophisticated about simplicity. A little bit of this, little bit of that - and BAM; just enough.


T H I S  B O X  I N C L U D E S :


YYC Collective - Candle

Obviously, keep fire out of reach from children, and never leave it unattended - but these cute matches just make your candle that much more fun to light!


Drops of Gratitude - Bracelets

Both bracelets are designed using lava stone. When essential oils are used on the body, they are quickly absorbed into the skin. Using the essential oils on lava stone increases the aromatherapy benefits to last upwards of 3 days. The two bracelets are:


GRATITUDE - PINK ZEBRA JASPER holds the energy of gratitude & optimism. It is our constant reminder to lead with love & always look for the goodness in life.  “I am Thankful.” This bracelet comes with the Gratitude essential oil.


EVOLVE - AFRICAN TURQUOISE assists in momentous change & transformation. It enhances confidence so that one can evolve into her highest self.“I am Ready to Grow.”*Matte stones have the ability to absorb your bodies natural oils. This may cause the stones to darken slightly. this bracelet comes with the Focus essential oil.

*The charms used are high quality microset charms that are gold plated with Swarvoski Crystal. 


AH Designs - Earrings

How gorgeous are these earrings! Wear your AH jewelry during the day but take it off to sleep. Store it in a clean, dry, place (a jewelry box!), away from humidity. Never store your jewelry in the bathroom. These earrings features gold-plated accents - do not wear them in the shower, while swimming, or playing sports to prolong the life of your jewelry.


Onyx & Ivy - Hair Clips

Your Onyx+Ivy hair clips are the perfect accessory to up your style game. Dress them up or down, we can’t wait to see how you style them!


YYC Collective - Greeting Card

Choose your card and personalize the inside of their card by adding your own text, and adding their name to the front of the envelope! We know some of our products are edgy, but - please know that the text is subject to approval. Not sure? Submit it and we will let you know if your note requires changes.


YYC Collection - Gift Box

We're all about making sure your gift looks on point - so we include these beautiful boxes to wrap things up - pun intended.


Please allow up to 3-7 business days processing time. If you have any questions or need a rushed order, please contact us at before ordering - we will let you know if we can accommodate - we will do our best!

No Glitz All Glam Gift Box